Philippians 4:10-23

A devotional commentary of Philippians 4:10-23.

Devotional Commentary of Philippians 4:10-23

Philippians 4:10-23

Finding Contentment in the Lord (Philippians 4:10-23)

Fanny Crosby, the great writer of gospel songs, was blinded when only six weeks old by a country doctor who thought he was treating her with eye-drops. Yet her indomitable (unyielding) attitude soon manifested itself. At age eight, she wrote this little poem: “Oh, what a happy child I am, Although I cannot see! I am resolved that in this world Contented I will be.”

When we examine the life of Fanny Crosby, we will find that she found her contentment and satisfaction in the Lord. In fact, her debilitating circumstances encouraged her to find contentment in the Lord. When Christians find satisfaction and contentment in the Lord, they will be content with whatever they have (Heb. 13:5), they will be content with food and clothing (1 Tim. 6:8), they will be content with their wages (Lk. 3:14), and they will be content because they will know God’s presence and provision (Phil. 4:10-12).

In Philippians 4:10-20, we discover four principles for finding contentment in the Lord.

They involved:

  • Being confident in God's providential care (4:10)
  • Being impartial to circumstances (4:11-12)
  • Being strong in the resources of the Lord (4:13)
  • Being interested in the well-being of others (4:14-20)

May God teach us to express our contentment in the Lord in the way we live and the way we give!

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