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WEBSITE DESIGN FOR CHURCHES provides church website design tips in order to create best church website design.

Best Church Website Design

To keep it simple, there are three important design tips you must keep in mind when you design your church website.

1. Best Church Website Design Requires A Great Look & Feel

Look and Feel is all about the presentation of your church website. Don't underestimate the drawing power of a great look and feel church website. There is nothing more off putting than an ugly website.

2. Best Church Website Design Requires Simplistic Navigation

Navagition is all about simplicity. In other words, make your church website EASY to navigate.

Your visitors will thank you for it!

3. Best Church Website Design Requires Information

Information is what your church website is about. HOWEVER, don't clutter your church website with useless information.

Best Church website Design usually has a perfect balance between information and photos. Often well chosen photos give the visitor a peek into your church surroundings. Sometimes, people will visitor your church simple because they were impressed by the information and photos on your church website.

Church Website Design Tips

In many ways, Church Website Design is related to your website builder.

If you use XSitePro 2, all you need to do is choose a template that is unique to you as a church and start adding information and photos. It is that simple with XSitePro 2.

If you use Site Build It, again all you need to do is choose a design that suits your church and begin adding information and photos. This program is very easy to use.

If you use Dreamweaver CS4, then you will need to know some html. However, you can purchase a website designed template. A website designed template allows you to simple change the information and photos.

For information on creating your own website, click on Learn How To Create Your Own Website.

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